Emma McFerran

Australian FMX Rider Emma McFerran joins up with team Linebreak!

28-year-old Emma is the only female in Australia to be performing Freestyle Motocross at shows and events across the world. 

In 2002 Emma started racing motocross. Emma is now making a name for herself and following her dream as being the only female freestyle motocross rider in Australia rising amongst the boys. 

Coming from a strong racing background, Emma has pursued her path in FMX with the help from her older brother, professional FMX rider Matty McFerran. He has shown her the pathway to follow and provided her with the knowledge and skills to get her where she is now.

Tricks: Superman, Heelclicker, Double Can, Nothing, Look back Heart Attack, Switchblade, Seatgrab Indy, Jackhammer, 1 Hand Seatgrab, Shoebox, Double Grab, Double Grab Indy, Lazyboy, Helicopter, Backflip


Q- What is your best sporting achievement? 

A- "Being the first female in Australia to backflip a motorcycle!"

Q- What is your favourite Linebreak Garment? 

A- "Women's pro compression 3" shorts"

Q- What is your recovery tip?

A- Sleeping in the full-length compression tights, dealing with fatigue! they are superb!

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