Elana Withnall

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Elana is a Linebreak Ambassador, as a top heptathlete Elana trains​ up to six days a week. Linebreak compression garments help her during sessions and allow her to recover to train again at full intensity the next day.

Elana has been a Linebreak Ambassador for the last 2 years, as a top heptathlete Elana trains​ up to six days/week. Linebreak compression garments help her backup for sessions and recover to train again at full intensity the next day. 

"I find great benefits using the garments to keep warm during winter and I've never found a product, so beneficial at regulating my body temperature safely and effectively in the summer season. 

Linebreak's unique technology ensures my muscles are at their optimum level of performance and decrease the risk of injury.

I also cool-down wearing Linebreak, after sessions. I've found that it keeps my core temperature at its optimum level, decreases the risk of cramping post-training as well as during training. Which is a problem I was having during speed-endurance running sessions. 

My Linebreak compression garments also manage moisture very effectively. I find during warmer weather, running in the long or 7/8 tights, I don't sweat as much as I would be wearing normal shorts or competition uniform. 

I've had great success wearing Linebreak for recovery, after a tough session resulting in DOMS (Deferred onset muscle soreness) as well as ensuring my Muscles are relaxed the night before a competition. I've found benefit in sleeping in the long tights for this specific recovery. As the compression works it's magic overnight; I've woken ready to tackle another day of training or feeling race-ready on competition day; without the muscle soreness or fatigue from the day before. ''